Thought for the day 11th of April

“Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Look at Einstein, Darwin and Edison. They are all a minority, and at their time, all of them were ether told that they were wrong, or that they should give up. What would the world be like if they had taken that to heart?

Thought for the day - Philosophers bust

2 Responses

  • Many would say that if such a thing would happen then they would change their opinion but science says otherwise. Instead of changing their opinion because the other people have a different opinion they grow more confident in what they believe in just because of all the other people. Apparently the people who have a different opinion than the majority feel that they do not belong to the herd and that they have a will of their own even if their opinion is wrong..The person is more confident that he is right even if the facts prove something else.

    • I see what you are saying, they succeed as they think of themselves as outcasts, who must succeed to be accepted 🙂

      Thanks for the comment Silvia, hope to see you around again soon!

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