Technology Bloggers is comming

Later on today, or possible later in the week, Technology Bloggers will officially launch.

For those of you who read around my other sites and blogs, you will probably know that my technology blog is dying to make way for a brand new blog.

This is going to be a community blog which everyone owns, and everyone benefits from.

The main focus of the blog is to get mass participation, yes I own the domain, but I don’t want to be writing all the articles, I don’t want to be replying to all the comments, I want the community to reply to the comments, I want the community of the very best writers to write the articles.

Technology Bloggers Logo

Everyone participates, everyone benefits.

Think you are up to the challenge? Head over to and get ready for the launch. If you fancy your hand at being one of the authors, go create your free technology bloggers account and get writing!

Technology Bloggers, a community blog, for all to benefit…

Why not write an article?

If you are interested in philosophy, why not write an article for my philosophy blog?

It’s completely free, and is a great way to show off what you can do!

Shakespeare blogging - To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

You will get a link to your site, the ability to create a personal profile, and your article will be visible to the world.

If you would rather stay more secretive, all you need is a nickname (which you make up) username, and email address (never shown publicly unless requested) and you can start writing!

So what can I write?

Anything that starts up a healthy debate is always good, also, why not try writing a thought for the day?

To sign up for your account look down my sidebar for “Admin” then click on “Register”. Make up a username and put in your email and you are ready and set to get writing!

For more info you can visit my Write An Article page.