A scary thought

I have just had a really scary thought. If I were to die right now, my writing on this blog would still live on for a few weeks.

I would be dead and yet some of my content would yet to be published.

This ‘death defying’ trick can be done all thanks to the WordPress schedule post feature. This post was not actually written on the 11th of February, but the 23rd of January instead.

An article scheduled for the 11th of February 2011

An even scarier thought is that by the time this scheduled post about scheduled posts gets out, I could have gone under a bus, got hit by a train or had a heart attack.

What a terrible thought.

Hopefully I am not dead and hopefully my server isn’t down so on the 11th of February 2011 you are able to read this scheduled post 🙂

Scheduled posting is very handy for me and for you. For you it means you have a constant stream of new content, and for me it means I can manage my time more effectively.

For example today (23rd of January not 11th of February) I have written three articles. This is because sometimes I can be in a great mood for writing, so I just write and write and write. But then when I am too busy or my writing cap isn’t firmly screwed on, I might now write anything for days.

What’s your opinion on this – is scheduled posting a good thing?


On Wednesday I installed a plugin which allowed you to subscribe to comments. The problem is, you didn’t just get notified of replies to your comment, but you got sent everyone’s comment.
ReplyMeThis system was in place until today when I decided to try a plugin called ReplyMe, after reading about how Ari Herzog had just installed it on his blog.
I have updated the comment policy in line with these changes, so you know exactly what happens when you comment. Below is an excerpt of the page, explaining the update:

Some blogs give you the option to subscribe to all other comments on an article, in a hope that a reply to your comment may be amongst them. I think this is a bit impersonal however, so I have installed a plugin called ReplyMe.

ReplyMe sends you an email, when your comment has a reply. The email has your original comment in it, along with the reply and a link to the comment on my blog so that you can carry on the conversation. This means you don’t have to remember to subscribe to the comments and it keeps your inbox free of other comments, which aren’t related to yours.

Happy commenting – why not post a comment and I will reply to show you how this new feature works 🙂

RSS Feed shows posts

After a recent request by a reader (Lillie) you will now be able to view entire posts in the RSS Feed, rather than just excerpts of them.

RSS Feed

This will make it easier to keep up to date with my blog, and will let you see more new content, without having to navigate around lots of pages.

I had some slight issues with getting the entire post to show in the feed, because of the way WordPress coded the RSS feed file some browsers would never show the full post only a short excerpt.

Please click here to see the RSS Feed.

This is now fixed though, so happy reading!

Hello world… 2!

This is my first post on my new philosophy blog! My philosophy blog was originally made on WordPress.com, but it has now been moved to philosophy.christopher-roberts.co.uk, powered by WordPress.org!

Happy reading, on my blogs birthday!

Hello World!

Hello world!

Hmm… I arrive on my blog for the first time and find this

“Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”

thanks WordPress, thanks very much for giving me a blog!

Hello World!