There is an old Cree Indian proverb which goes something like the following:

Only when the last tree has died,
the last river has been poisoned,
the last fish has been caught.
Only then will we realize that money cannot be eaten.

It’s a very true quote, greed is not sustainable. Money enables trade and some say that makes the world a better place. Others say that it encourages greed, which is bad.

You can't eat money
As humans, do you believe that we have a moral right to preserve the planet? Should we attempt to keep ecosystems balanced and share resources between all species, or is it right that we use our inelegance and teamwork to take more than we give?

Climate change is happening, it is only in the early stages at the moment, but it is happening never the less. Is it down to humans, cycles of the earths orbit, or something else, who knows.

Christians believe that we have a responsibility to care for all the creatures of the Earth, and that is why we have been made superior.

What does sustainability say to you? To me it means harmony between all forms of life. It means living peacefully with the environment and not degrading it.

Will man learn the lesson that is sustainability is vital for his existence? Who knows…

Pausing time

If you put a chicken in an oven (or a vegetarian alternative) and then pause time, what happens to the temperature of the chicken?

There are several things which you could argue could happen. One is that the chicken will remain at the same temperature as is was when you paused time.

Another is that the chicken will continue to cook, due to the oven being warm.

A Roast Dinner Cooking in an Oven

The one that I believe would happen is this option: the chicken, oven and everything else in the universe would hit absolute zero (-273.15°C) because heat requires particles to move, even in a solid the particles move, its just not as much as a liquid or a gas. As time is completely paused, nothing is moving, so everything must be absolute zero.

Despite this pausing time is theoretically impossible, at least here on earth. Even if you manage to pause time, you would be completely frozen yourself, as all the air particles around you would be frozen, rooting you to the spot.

Does this mean that if you were in a total vacuum (I would say space, as this is regarded as a vacuum, but it is technically not a total vacuum) could you pause time and still move around?

What are your thoughts on this? Can you pause time? Also, what would happen to the chicken?