My blog has a social life!

On Wednesday, I launched a the Christopher Roberts Philosophy Blog Facebook page. You can now visit the page and “Like” it. If you like it, you will be able to receive the latest philosophy articles, on your Facebook wall.

Please click the Facebook logo on the side of my blog to visit the page.

As of Wednesday, you could also “Like” my philosophy blog posts. This is a great way to show that you like an article, and to see if any of your friends have read it and like it too.

The Facebook

Why not visit the Facebook page and subscribe, to get the latest articles on your wall. You can also comment and share with friends on the Facebook page.

Enjoy interacting with my new social Philosophy Blog!

RSS Feed shows posts

After a recent request by a reader (Lillie) you will now be able to view entire posts in the RSS Feed, rather than just excerpts of them.

RSS Feed

This will make it easier to keep up to date with my blog, and will let you see more new content, without having to navigate around lots of pages.

I had some slight issues with getting the entire post to show in the feed, because of the way WordPress coded the RSS feed file some browsers would never show the full post only a short excerpt.

Please click here to see the RSS Feed.

This is now fixed though, so happy reading!