The universe

The universe. A bit big isn’t it. If you get the chance, on a clear night, go outside and look up. Just stare at the sky. Let your eyes adjust and you will see so much.

Take a look at this picture below. At first you only see the obvious first few stars, but then, slowly more and more. A seemingly infinite number of beautiful stars, making a spectacular view.

Night sky stars

Okay, the real this might be slightly better, but still, its pretty spectacular.

This all caused me to think, and philosophise. The universe is expanding, so we are told. Now what it is expanding into, nobody knows, but who is to say that its not just nothingness?

With only a few billion lightyears on the clock, our universe is still very young. What if it is making it up as it goes along? There was nothingness, and now the universe is creating, somethingness.

There is a theory that says:

If there is something,
then there must be
Something Else.

this is a corollary of
Nothingness Theory,
which shows that
the cosmos in the state of
No Thing,
is in relative non-existence.
Absolute Non-existence
is what exerts the attraction
to produce some thing
from no thing.

In natural philosophy,
Absolute Nothingness is the
Something Else
that accounts for
any thing at all.
In theological terms
that Something Else
is the Fullness of Existence,
or God.

Sounds a little silly at first, but when you think about it, it can sort of make sense.

Maybe the human mind will never be capable of comprehending the universe, and will will never understand it fully.

Who knows!

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