Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is Saint Valentine’s Day. On the 14th of February many people across the world celebrate love in the form of Valentine’s Day.

Way back in the 4th or 5th century, the Pope named a holy day on the 14th of February to honour Saint Valentine.

So why did he do that? What was special about Saint Valentine? Well the ‘Saint’ kind of gives it away. Legend has it that Saint Valentine was a Roman who was sentenced to death for refusing to give up Christianity. Legend also speaks of a letter, which before he was killed Saint Valentine sent to his love, which was signed “From Your Valentine”.

So that’s where it’s thought to have all began.

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day was celebrated by only Christians, but now it’s celebrated by people all around the world of many different religions.

Happy Valentine's Day

Now it’s a time for showing that special someone in your life that you care about them. Many people send cards, often signed ‘From Your Valentine’ or simply ‘?’. Gifts are also often exchanged, and people generally like to show their loved one that they really appreciate them, in many different ways.

Treat your special someone today, and if you don’t have one, best of luck for next year 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day from me here at Christopher Roberts Philosophy Blog 🙂

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