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I try and make my comments are as fair as possible, whilst keeping spam to a minimal.

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Your name or nickname is compulsory, and so is your email address. However, please be aware I will never post your email address, without your explicit permission. I will also never give your email address away to anyone else.

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I have enabled KeywordLuv. To take advantage of this feature, enter YourName@YourKeywords in the name field – e.g. “Christopher Roberts@Philosophy Blog” would appear as “Christopher Roberts from Philosophy Blog

I also use a plugin called Link Love to combat dofollow comment abuse. This means that your first two comments are nofollow, but on your third comment, all your comments become dofollow, meaning that your site gets benefit from the comment.

If you don’t have a website or blog that you want to link to, leave this field blank, it is not compulsory.

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You may have noticed that next to every comment there is an image. This is known as a Gravatar. You will be automatically assigned an image if you do not have a Gravatar. If you don’t have one, but would like one, please visit For more information please see this article on what is Gravatar?

Replies To Your Comment
Some blogs give you the option to subscribe to all other comments on an article, in a hope that a reply to your comment may be amongst them. I think this is a bit impersonal however, so I have installed a plugin called ReplyMe.

ReplyMe sends you an email, when your comment has a reply. The email has your original comment in it, along with the reply and a link to the comment on my blog so that you can carry on the conversation. This means you don’t have to remember to subscribe to the comments and it keeps your inbox free of other comments, which aren’t related to yours.

Comments Not Appearing
If your comments are not appearing straight away it could be down to a number of factors:

  • It is your first comment, so it has been called in for moderation
  • There is a URL in the body of the comment, this will automatically be called in for moderation
  • Your comment may have been caught by my spam filter, this will require me to manually approve it

A Quick Note About Spam
Due to a large amount of comment spam I originally used Akismet to filter out spam comments. This was great, but it occasionally got it wrong meaning that to avoid good comments being deleted, I had to sift through the spam to check for legitimate comments.

I now use Akismet and a plugin known as GASP. GASP has significantly reduced spam comments as visitors now have to tick a box to verify they are a human – this only applies to users who are not logged in. Please check out my article on GASP for more info.

Thanks for reading – happy commenting! 😀